General Purpose Capsule T/C w/Connector
Temperature / Thermocouples / T19

General Purpose Capsule T/C w/Connector Picture
  • Ideal for quick disconnect applications
  • Assembled with standard T/C connectors
  • Adjustable or fittings welded to probe available
  • Many fitting sizes and probe diameters available
  • Type J, K, T, E standard, others available
  • Single and dual junction types; grounded, ungrounded or exposed
  • Factory calibration certificate optional
  • Custom designs available

General Purpose Capsule T/C w/Connector Details

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Junction Type

  • 2
    Probe Diameter

  • 3
    Probe Material

  • 4
    Fitting Type

  • 5
    Immersion Length 'U'
      From 1 to 120 inches
  • 6
    Terminal Type

  • 7
    Probe Length 'L'
      From 1 to 122 inches

  • Comments / Specifications


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