Our team is committed to offering you the right service for your instrumentation needs.

At Intempco, we manufacture over 300 high quality instrumentation products to suit various applications and industry needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing you with the highest-quality products possible. But to build a long-term relationship with our partners, we understand great products do not suffice. That's why we offer numerous services to create an optimal purchasing experience every time.

We know your industry and application needs are unique, and we want to meet those needs best. We always strive to exceed our client's expectations by providing the best possible service and product availability.

 Intempco employee working on fine tuning a custom sensor.  

Custom Engineering Solutions

In addition to our commitment to manufacturing quality products, Intempco offers custom engineering solutions to suit unique applications requirements. Almost our entire product line is configurable part by part. 

Our engineers and product technicians are here to guide your purchasing decision to ensure you select the right product for your project. We carry various products developed to cater to different industries.

 Intempco offer tech support: before, during and after your product purchase.  

Technical Support

The Intempco team will guide you to ensure your sensor and instrumentation selection suits your application needs. Instruction manuals and documents will be provided if required, and additional assistance to help ensure a successful installation of our instrumentation products. 

We believe that after-sales support is just as important as the products themselves. Our focus on quality and reliability extends to our customer interactions, and we recognize the importance of providing reliable after-sales support. 

We publish informative articles on the blog section of our website. We make this effort to empower and inform our clients to help you make educated decisions with regard to instrumentation. Read our latest piece on how to specify sensors.   For example, here is an article to help learn how to specify sensors. Swing by our YouTube channel for helpful videos and product demos.

 Intempco's engineer, Steve, calibration our products.  


Intempco's temperature, humidity, and level sensors are calibrated to traceable standards such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) or CNRC (Canadian National Research Council).

Our Calibration services ensures that all our instruments meet the highest standards of precision, ensuring they are in good working condition when they arrive at our client's facility. 

The service is available on a contract or as a one-time event. If multiple calibrations done throughout the year is needed, we can set up an annual contract that provides you with discounted rates. Contact our team for more info on our calibration services.

 Close up of Intempco's employee fine tuning a small electronic part of our sensor.  

Warranty & Repairs

All products manufactured by Intempco are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Repairs of all instruments manufactured by Intempco are performed by our qualified technicians at company headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. 

 Intempco offers shipping, and different option to suit your project needs.  


Intempco ships most of its orders within two weeks. Stock parts are usually shipped within two business days. Rush shipping is also available upon request. Contact Cette adresse courriel est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. for more information on shipping.


The Intempco team is committed to providing you with a superior experience, and we are excited to offer various services that will help us do just that. Whether you require a custom product for a specific project, our rush shipping for a standard sensor, our team is ready to help. 

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