Standard Threaded Limited Space Thermowell
Temperature / Thermowells / TW104

Standard Threaded Limited Space Thermowell Picture
  • Compact low profile hex section for limited space installations.
  • Machined from solid barstock.
  • 1/2", 3/4" and 1" NPT connections are standard.
  • BPPP, BSPT and other standards available.
  • Standard bores for 6mm, .250 diameter probes.
  • CRN available on all models.

These short and compact Barstock models are machined from one solid piece of Hexagon or Round Bar. They offer the highest pressure ratings and strength due to their one piece construction.

Threaded process for screwing into a female Threaded process connection such as a threadolet, adaptor or directly to a tapped access port.

Standard Threaded Limited Space Thermowell Details

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Fixed Code
    0 : Fixed code
  • 2
    Bore Size/Stem

  • 3
    Thermowell Material

  • 4
    Insertion Length 'U'

  • 5
    Fixed Code
    0 : Fixed code
  • 6
    Process Connection Size

  • 7
    Instrument Connection Process
    : Please select a process connection size
  • 7
    Instrument Connection Process

  • 7
    Instrument Connection Process

  • 8
    Surface Finish
    SF : 32u-in (0.8um) Ra max.
  • 9

  • Comments / Specifications


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