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Founded over 20 years ago, Intempco is a privately owned company based in Montreal, Canada. The first products manufactured by Intempco were temperature sensors, i.e. thermocouples and RTDs. Intempco is now the only manufacturer specializing in temperature, level and humidity sensors in Canada.

Constant R&D efforts over the years have allowed Intempco to gradually add new lines of products. A prime example is our new line of MIST Temperature Sensors'. These sensors combine a conventional RTD and transmitter into one unit. MIST Temperature Sensors' also provide increased accuracy, a reprogrammable transmitter and a compact design.

Mission Statement

Intempco is committed to develop and manufacture superior quality instrumentation products which meet the special needs of its customers from selected industries. The company's philosophy is to find partners with whom it can build long-term relationships. 


A focus on the community

Ethical practices are valued in intempco Controls. To ensure excellent quality, products are designed and manufactured in Canada, by highly trained employees, including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and highly-skilled technicians.

A focus on the environment

We promote environmentally friendly practices by recycling leftover materials and using environmentally friendly machinery.

Continuous improvement

Intempco wants to exceed customers' expectations, and innovation is key to continuous improvement. With the help of research and development, we are able to stay innovative and continue catering to selected industries. Intempco employs highly-skilled employees to refine its existing products on a regular basis as well as to develop innovative products in the temperature, humidity and level measurement fields.




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