RTD Assembly with Connection Head / Direct Immersion
Temperature / RTD Assemblies with Connection Heads / R55A

  • Simplified version of the R50
  • Cost-effective build
  • Aluminium enclosure (Type4 / IP65)
  • 1/2" NPT SS316 process fitting
  • 1/4" Diameter SS316 probe
  • Temperature range from -70 to 260 °C
  • 3-Wire configuration 100ohm DIN EN 60751
  • Head-mounted transmitters available

Intempco's R50A Series RTD assemblies are built for direct immersion into processes for applications that do not require a thermowell. The probe tube is precision tig welded directly to the process fitting. If a thermowell is required, refer to one of our spring loaded models such as the R55A or R55 made specifically for thermowell assemblies.

The R50A series offers standard features which simplifies the selection process. The new Custom Speed Selector found on our web site allows for a point and click type approach to build the model. This simple selection method saves time and they are offered at a lower cost due to their standardized construction.

If you are looking for a basic direct immersion RTD, look no further. No need to find a separate transmitter or to choose the many options available for custom configurations, this model has the most popular features built in.

  • General Industrial Temperature Control
  • OEM Equipment
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Municipal

Our Product Wizard! is a great new way to easily select the best configuration for your needs. Most configuration options are based on items we have in stock. All this means that your custom order can be processed faster and at a lower price!

Step 1: Head Mounted Options

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Step 2: Thermowell Process Connection & Stem Profile

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