DTG04 Top Mount with Fitting Welded to Probe
Temperature / Digital Temperature Gauges - DTG / DTG04

DTG04 Top Mount with Fitting Welded to Probe Picture
  • Large 4-digit red LED display
  • Field re-programmable with optional PC interface module and software
  • Security temper protection for re-programming
  • 4-20 mA programmable linearized signal output
  • Utilizes self-calibration feature for accurate and stable performance
  • Utilizes Pt-100 Ohm RTD Class A element for temperature sensing
  • Cable gland ­­for electrical connection
  • IP 65 / NEMA 4X rated environmental protection
  • All stainless steel 316 construction
  • Easy installation with various mounting configurations

The DTG04 series Digital Temperature Gauges are a complete solution for most industrial temperature monitoring and temperature indicating applications. Of high quality construction, these gauges features a bright and large 4-digit red LED display with an analog 4-20 mA output. Based on Intempco’s patented MIST™ technology, they are designed for optimum accuracy and performance. The series DTG4 are an ideal replacement for bi-metal, liquid bulb and gas thermometers.

The DTG4s can be factory calibrated to customer specified temperature range. As with any other MIST™ series patented technology sensor, the DTG’s built-in programmable transmitter can be re-scaled and re-calibrated using the optional interface module and software. The DTG arrives factory scaled and calibrated to the customer’s specified temperature range. No costly field calibration is required. If the application changes, the DTG can be re-scaled at any range within the sensor limits while maintaining its accuracy. Reprogramming is done with the optional PC interface module and software.

Housing, probe and fitting material is all fabricated from Stainless Steel 316. DTG is rated to NEMA 4X (IP65). Many mounting configurations are available to meet customer requirements. Standard extension cables offered are PVC or Silicon insulated wires. Some models are available with M12 Micro-Male Connector.

Certain features of this product are covered under US Patent no.: 7,233,014

  • Replacement for Bi-Metal, Liquid Bulb and Glass Thermometers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Preparation
  • Utilities and Municipal
  • Refineries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Hydraulics
DTG04 Top Mount with Fitting Welded to Probe Details

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Calibrated Temperature Range

  • 2

  • 3
    Probe Diameter “D” & Material

  • 4
    Probe Length 'U'
      From 1 to 999 inches
  • 5
    Fitting Type

  • 6
    Extension Cable/Connector Type

  • 7
    Extension Cable 'E'
    : Please select an extension
  • 7
    Extension Cable 'E'

  • 7
    Extension Cable 'E'
      From 12 to 999 inches
  • 8
    Enclosure Type

  • 9
    Calibration Options

  • 10
    Mounting Options

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