RTD Assemblies with Connection Heads

These RTD assemblies are terminated with a connection head with terminal block. The head provides mechanical and environmental protection for the electrical connection. Intempco Hockey Puck style transmitters with 4-20mA or Voltage Outputs can also be mounted inside the enclosures.

The process connection on these assemblies can be supplied for direct mounting into a process, or spring loaded for mating with thermowells and protection tubes.

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  • R50A

    Direct immersion RTD assembly with connection head

    • Simplified version of the R50
    • Cost-effective build
    • Industry standard model with 1/4" probe and 1/2" fitting

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  • R55A

    Spring loaded RTD/Thermowell assembly with connection head

    • Simplified version of the R55
    • Cost-effective build
    • Pre-assembled with thermowell

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