Miniature Capacitance Level Transmitter w/4-20mA Output
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Miniature Capacitance Level Transmitter w/4-20mA Output Picture
  • Continuous loop-powered 4-20mA operation
  • Remote DIN Rail mounted transmitter, up to 1000ft away
  • Hermetically sealed, vibration resistant construction
  • 1/2” NPT thread standard
  • Internal probe PFA clad or Stainless 316 bare
  • Cable extension or Brad Harrison connector
  • Accuracy 1% of span for same dielectric

Intempco two-wire LTX50 series level transmitters are compact in design and ideal where installation space is limited or tanks are small. Excellent for mobile equipment applications. LTX50 can be used to measure level of conductive or non-conductive liquids in metal tanks. In non-metallic tanks a ground reference electrode must be used. The LTX works on the RF principle and monitors level change by converting movement of media up or down the probe into pulse wave form which is proportional to changes in level. The amplifier converts this pulse wave into 4 to 20mA output signal.

The LTX50 comes complete with housing or fitting, probe, cable or connector, and remote transmitter. Remote electronics are protected and potted within a metal fitting. The conncection between sensor and remote transmitter is accomplised via a 3-conductor cable which can be up to a 1000 feet (300 meters) long. The calibration is made via four push buttons, located on transmitter.

  • Diesel fuels, other fuels and oils in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  • Water based liquids in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  • Acids compatible with Stainless 316 and PFA Teflon in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  • MEK and other solvents
  • Chemical holding tanks, metallic or non-metallic
  • Measurement of liquid levels in mobile equipment
  • On-site calibration may be required
  • Not recommended where material dielectric varies due to change of temperature or pressure
Miniature Capacitance Level Transmitter w/4-20mA Output Details

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    Extension Type

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    Extension Cable 'E'
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    Extension Cable 'E'

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    Extension Cable 'E'
      From 6 to 999 feet
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    Probe Material

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    Probe Length 'L'
      From 2 to 36 inches
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