Continuous Capacitance Level Transmitter 4-20mA, Loop Powered
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Continuous Capacitance Level Transmitter 4-20mA, Loop Powered Picture
  • Continuous loop powered 4-20mA operation
  • Microprocessor Based
  • Accuracy 1% of span for constant dielectric of material
  • Non-interactive zero and span calibration
  • Calibration accomplished with 4 push buttons
  • Heavy duty industrial design
  • NEMA rated aluminum, stainless, PVC and explosion proof housings available
  • Standard fitting 1-1/2 ” NPT, flange and special fittings available
  • SS316 outside tube
  • Choice of bare SS316 or Teflon coated probe

INTEMPCO LTX02 series 2-wire level transmitters are esentially LTX01 transmitters assembled with a concentric tube. As such LTX02 sensors can measure tank levels of liquids in metallic as well as non-metallic tanks. All other performance specifications are indentical to LTX01 sensors.

Level measurement of water based liquids in non-metallic tanks, using a teflon coated probe is an ideal application for the LTX02. To obtain a linear output in an irregularly shaped tank, such as a cone, use a concentric tube LTX02. For oils and mineral based liquids in non-metallic and metallic tanks use LTX02 with a bare SS316 probe. Make sure that the liquids are compatible with SS316 and PFA Teflon materials.

The LTX02 includes a standard 4-20mA loop powered LTX transmitter,a rugged customer selected enclosure, a rigid bare SS316 or Teflon coated probe, concentric tube for ranges of up to 20 feet and a fitting. The LTX02 is designed for tanks which have fitting connections of 3/4 ” NPT or larger. Call factory for smaller tank openings or special applications.

  • Water and water-based liquids in non-metallic tanks.
  • Jacketed probes required for conductive media
  • Organic Acids compatible with SS316
  • Oils and fuels in metallic and non-metallic tanks
  • Use bare probes with non-conductive media
  • On-site calibration required
  • Not recommended where material dielectric changes
Continuous Capacitance Level Transmitter 4-20mA, Loop Powered Details

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    Probe Material

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    Probe Length 'L'
      From 6 to 240 inches
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