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Relative Humidity Chamber

The Environmental Chamber for Precise Control of Temeprature and Humidity — or Relative Humidity Chamber — started out as a project in collaboration with students from the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering of the University of Prince Edward Island. Now in its second phase of development, our new RH chamber is in the process of being tested.

Details & Specifications

With this environmental chamber, our goal is to create a self-contained system capable of maintaining a known humidity within a test section using the NIST-approved two-pressure principle. In a « two-pressure » humidity generator, saturated air is passed through a heated expansion valve that supplies air to the test section. Using the two-pressure principle requires controlling two units of measurement within the environmental chamber. The humidity calculation of the test section and of the saturated air before the expansion valve is based on temperature and pressure.

This method allows for a higher accuracy of humidity measurement within the environemental chamber because we are controlling to measures (pressure and temperature) rather than just one (humidity) with a single humidity sensor.

Intempco’s Relative Humidity Chamber is currently at its second prototype. It is being developed to suit the needs of potential customers such as universities, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and companies who provide calibration services.


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